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Water Colour Techniques

Every artist who starts to learn to paint begins by copying other artists. All the great painters started by copying, Turner, Constable Van Gogh, Michael Angelo, Picasso and so you should not feel embarrassed to do so yourself. I have studied many artists and have been influenced by all. The time will come where you use the experience you gained from studying others and you begin to use the parts of the techniques which you liked the most, from each of the masters that you studied.
Its a bit like collecting tools when your are a mechanic. Wherever you go you collect little bits and select the best that you like, adding them to your tool box as you go. The end result is a tool box full of the best tools that you have come across and the job you do with them is a combination of your abilities, your tallent and the way that the tools let you work.

My own experience has been influenced significantly by artists like Terry Harrison, David Bellamy, Joe Francis Dowden, Judy Boyes, Alwyn CrawshawDawn Mcleod heim, Dermot Cavanagh, Richard Taylor, Don Harrison etc etc etc....... Not perhaps as famous as the classical artists of yester year but chosen because of their approach to painting and indeed teaching. They have all given me a little something to help me start to develop. Indeed it needs to be said that you never stop developing, its an ongoing thing. An example of which was a demonstration from Keith Fenwick at the Warrington Art Group a few weeks ago where I found a new way to describe sheep in an easy simple way.


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