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Watercolour paintings can be painted on what ever your heart desires but most people paint on paper. Paper comes in many types of which most can be used for watercolour paintings but as its name suggests there tends to be water involved and so very thin papers soak up the water and warp very badly. For this reason thicker sized papers are best suited.

Watercolour paper

Watercolour paper comes in many different types. There are varying types of thickness , surface texture and there are different materials that it is made from. It can come in white cream shades and pastel colours of varying types. In general most artists paint on white paper and so this is what we will look at here.
Water colour paper comes in varying thicknesses which is generally termed as the weight of the paper. This is because the paper is sold at wholesale by the ream (500 sheets) and the thicker paper weighs more. You will see in the shops watercolour paper which is termed 150lb or 300lb which is now used to indicate the thickness of the paper but obviously does not relate to the weight of the single sheet. Anything less than 90lbs weight paper is just about useless and in fact I would recommend using at least 150lb. Even at this thickness for best results the paper should be stretched before use (See stretching paper). be continued (still being written)

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