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The  Pete Ormroyde
The Artist

Pete Ormroyde was born in 1963, in the industrial north, 12 miles from Liverpool. From early on he was always skilled with his his hands and was always creative in spirit.

He followed a career in Engineering starting with an apprenticeship as a fitter/turner and after many years studying, eventually ended up with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and also Qualified as a Chartered Engineer.
 He spent 12 years at BNFL  in Warrington and ended up as a Senior Manager in 
I.T. before setting up in business and becoming Managing Director of Netstitch Cross Stitch Designs.
Although he studied art as a subject at school he didn't follow any significant artistic trait until at the age of 39 when he took up Water Colour painting and studied artists such as Terry Harrison and David Bellamy being inspired by their easy teaching methods and realistic style. The initial experimentation of a new artist was done in the confines of the kitchen and soon his wife, so fed up with clearing his art equipment out of the way, insisted on him setting up a studio in an out building to the rear of his house. This was a monumental change and gave him the motivation to study hard and freedom to paint whenever the children would allow him time.

In 2004 he joined the Warrington Art Group (WAG) and in his first year of exhibiting he won the Warrington Guardian Peoples trophy. voted  for by over 2000 people visiting an exhibition at Tatton Park. This was with a painting not featured on this site called Church Lane at Peover.
In 2005 he achieved second place in the same competition with Reflect on the Day and also achieved a commendation in the Edwin Allen Cup with a study of the clock tower of Holy Trinity Church in the town centre of Warrington.

With paintings hanging in  galleries and  exhibitions around the North of England he has quickly become an artist in demand and so this website has been put together to supply an ever increasing demand for his originals and prints  where orders can now be made over the internet and shipped to anywhere in the world.

In 2004 Pete entered competitions in the Warrington area and at his first attempt he won the Warrington Guardian Peoples award which was voted for by more than 2000 exhibition visitors at Tatton park in Cheshire. Unfortunately this painting was also sold at the exhibition and does not feature on this web site.

In 2005 Pete again entered into several completions and achieved a second place in the same competition of the warrington Guardian Peoples award for Reflect on the Day and also a second place in the "Edwin Allen Cup" which is a themed competition and the theme in that year was a "Warrington Townscape". The painting was "Holy Trinity Church" which also was awarded a commendation by the judges panel of professional artists.

A third painting was entered in the competition which was Row boat . This painting did not win any prizes, but was sold at the exhibition.

Pete is a member of the Warrington Art Group and a member of the SAA which is a national art society and boasts a membership which contains many of the artists that Pete has studied.



Pete Ormroyde 2005