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What Is Meant By The Term Count of Aida?

Many people use the term 14 count or 18 count in cross stitch and this can be confusing if you don't know what it means.

So What does it mean?

Well the term comes from the fact that cross stitch comes in two types.
Counted cross stitch and non counted cross stitch

Non counted cross stitch is where the design is printed in coloured ink onto the Aida fabric and you just stitch the colour of thread, where the colour of ink lies.

Counted cross stitch on the other hand, is where you follow a pattern printed on paper, usually of symbols representing the colour of stitch and you have to count the number of stitches that you stitch to make sure you put them in the correct place on the Aida fabric.

The term "count of fabric" comes from this, where you count the number of stitches. This term has now been used to denote the number of stitches in an inch of fabric.

Hence 14 count Aida means fabric that has 14 stitches in an inches of the material.

18 count Aida, means fabric that has 18 stitches in an inch of the material.

Sometimes this is written as 14#, or 14 count but they all mean the same thing.

So the lower the number the larger the stitches.

10 count is a relatively large stitch for cross stitch where as 28 count, (sometimes known as evenweave), is a very small stitch.

Another term often used is "hpi". such as 14hpi this means exactly the same in terms of the density of the stitches, it just stands for "holes per inch".



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