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bulletStitching paper or sometimes called perforated paper, is an alternative to Aida or linen.
This material can be folded, glued and cut to make other types of project such as cards scrap booking or even  paper folding.
bulletWhen using stitching paper make sure that you use the smooth side toward you as there is a right and a wrong side.
bulletTry not to fold the paper unless its part of the project as this makes an untidy piece.
bulletDon't cut the paper until the stitching is complete. this is because the extra paper is handy to hold whilst stitching and once cut off there is nothing left to hold.
bulletOn this material you should use three strands of thread for cross stitch and two strands for backstitch.
bulletYou can find the centre of the design with a ruler and mark with a pencil. These pencil marks can be removed later with a rubber.
bulletIf you are going to cut out around the design then you can pencil in the cutting lines on the reverse of the paper before cutting.