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Latest From Netstitch 

Netstitch hits 4 years old

This year marks the 4th year that Netstitch has been on the web. We have had good times and bad but overall it has been a great experience for us all.

Netstitch market stall closes down

Netstitch is no longer on Warrington market. After some time of sticking out a quiet period it has been decided that the market stall is no longer paying its way. This loss in turnover we believe to be caused by the big shows in Manchester at the GMEX and in Birmingham at the NEC, where many cross stitchers save up for and buy a complete years supply of cross stitch designs in one go.

To all cross stitchers who didn't know that these shows exist please let us inform you that as a cross stitch company who have the best reputation around, that we acknowledge the competition is better and you will all save a packet if you do the same. Prices at these shows are lower than we can buy them in from the manufacturers and not just old designs, all the latest ones.

Needlepoise go on eBay

It has come to our attention that needlepoise are now allegedly selling through eBay and at really good prices check it out and let us know if the news is right.